IS your body's
to stress
preventing you
from functioning
at your optimum?

get you living life to the fullest

Did you know that if you are experiencing exhaustion in the late afternoons, irritability, cravings for sweet things at night, low tolerance to noise or bright lights, headaches, anxiety, joint pains, dark rings around your eyes, a lack of sleep, eczema, and a low immune system, you may have an imbalance in your stress and anti-stress systems which make up the autonomic nervous system?

When the autonomic nervous system is out of balance, it negatively impacts your body by creating chronic inflammation and hormonal imbalances. This makes us more susceptible to chronic illnesses.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia 

ADHD Anxiety Sleeping Disorders 

Depression Work-Related Stress 

Chronic Hypertension Auto-Immune Diseases

Introducing Nerviq   

The only non-invasive technology

to assess both brain and heart

In our quest to reimagine health and the traditional approach to treating chronic lifestyle conditions, BrandMed Group brings you NervIQ, powered by OmegaWave – a revolutionary new way of measuring the state of your Autonomic Nervous System.

A simple, non-invasive measurement of your heart rate 

over 5 minutes will identify:

•    Your sympathetic and parasympathetic function

    Your brain’s ability to cope with stress

    Your body’s ability to cope with different types of exercise

The autonomic nervous system forms part of a holistic assessment to assess your inflanome. Based on the results of a simple but comprehensive assessment, we then analyse and help manage the condition through personalised nutrition, exercise routines, targeted medication, mindfulness techniques and natural supplementation; to get you balanced and functioning at your prime.

Note: BrandMed has developed a multi-faceted and integrated lifestyle programme that offers basic guidelines for improved diet, movement and mindfulness techniques. Syntro-P is only effective as part of a holistic patient support programme and should never replace advice from your healthcare practitioner. To stay one step ahead of your health, click here.


Before stress takes control of your life, take control of your
stress with a NervIQ test and a personalised intervention plan
to balance your levels and minimise the risk of disease.